We are 3rd and 4th generation cattle producers that make a living with cattle. At J.M. Hayes Cattle, ranching is what we do; Ranching is our way of life. Located just north of the red river in southeast Oklahoma, this is an area that is well suited for cattle production. We strive to produce cattle that work for our customers. We sell bulls to people in numerous states and environments; from Alabama, Tennessee and other parts of the southeast to the fescue pastures of Missouri and north Arkansas, all the way to dryer areas in the panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas and into New Mexico. We know our cattle because we are around our cattle, all day every day. We can tell you about the dam and granddam and most times the great granddam of any of the cattle on our ranch, and we take pride in that. Knowing this information the way we do, and knowing how it translates to you means we have to do a couple of things differently.