We offer a variety of choices of classes and activities for young adults and kids. Our goal is to teach children the necessary skills to achieve their highest goals, but also provide a positive influence in their life's journey through kindness, integrity, devotion and success. The Gandy’s have a wealth of experience to draw from as they are both Physical Therapists and have both earned a Master of Sport with the USA Gymnastics University. That is the highest level a coach can achieve. They currently have 20 national champions, 4 World Medals & 6 International Titles. They first coached their daughter Sarah through a very successful gymnastics career earning her a classification as an official World Class Gymnast by the Federation of International Gymnastics. In her career, Sarah won 6 national titles, 3 international titles and a bronze medal in the World Age Group Competition and another bronze medal as a member of the Sr. Elite National Team at the World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then, they have progressed four more athletes to the elite level on their team and have been selected to coach for Team USA at the Canada Cup, CanAm Cup, Pan American Championships and two World Age Group Competitions.

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