My family moved to Paris in 1979, and we have had the pleasure of raising three lovely daughters here in this great town. My eldest daughter lives in McKinney now and she has two daughters. My middle daughter also lives in McKinney and she has a son. My youngest daughter is a local elementary school teacher. Paris is our home, and this community means so much to us. My family is of the utmost importance – soccer games, card games, four-wheeling, bike riding, tea parties with my granddaughters and playing superheroes with my grandson – family means the most. We have seen Paris thrive and grow, and through it all, one thing remains – family. It seemed a natural fit to create a logo with my three daughters’ birthstones to signify the importance I place on family: both my immediate and my business family. My business philosophy has always been, to be honest, and make friends, and the business will follow. Because of this, my business has been built on long-lasting partnerships and friendships that have truly become a second family to me. David House Jewelry specializes in jewelry for every occasion, and we promise to continue to always deliver more than what is promised so that I can always serve you in this great city. I am a certified gemologist that has been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years while being actively involved in the community as well. I look forward to continuing the streak as your #1 Jeweler!

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